June 18, 2024

Getting a taste of the American dream 


After flying for 22 lengthy hours across two oceans and experiencing three different time zones, five academic achievers from St. Michael’s (Neo Moliana, Itumeleng Semoli, Bonolo Mathosa, Leseli Katali and Unathi Seletswane) touched down in Boston, USA, for the first city on the itinerary. The girls had quite a bit of sightseeing to do in Boston: first they headed for the Faneuil Hall, or rather Quincy Market, where they had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to taste a variety of authentic American dishes and experience the cultural side of the American night life.

The girls had many late nights and early mornings. They visited four Ivy League universities – Harvard, Princeton, Columbia and Yale – and as an added bonus, they paid a visit to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Exclusive tours of the university campuses were undertaken, and everyone was thrilled to listen to and learn from some of the best professors in the USA at these top-notch institutions. The information on what each university has to offer and facilitate, left the girls excited, hoping that they would join these communities in the near future. They had the chance to browse each university’s pricey gift shop to take home a few items for their loved ones — of course, only if their American dollars allowed! Inquisitively, the girls attended lectures regarding how to apply to top universities like Harvard and how to pursue careers in advertising at Columbia University. 

Exploring the busy streets of Boston, New York, New Haven, Manhattan, Gaithersburg, and Washington DC with their tour guides was enlightening and informative. They were informed about the history, the landmarks and the ins and outs of the various cities in the country. Everyone agreed that the architecture in the US is extraordinary! It is playful, creative, and certainly something you stop to look at and admire.

The highlight was the city that never sleeps – New York City. Their first stop in ‘the Big Apple’ was Hard Rock Café located in the heart of Times Square. Hard Rock had a lot to offer: from Rock n Roll memorabilia to delicious dishes. Later, a spectacular tour of Manhattan had the ladies in awe of the city that keeps on giving. Famous sights like the Statue of Liberty; the Metropolitan Art Museum (where the annual glamorous Met Gala is held) and a walk on Wall Street were all memorable.

Travel and Sport, their travelling agency, saved the best for last, ending the tour in the US capital, Washington DC. An external tour of The White House led to great insight into American history.

The US tour certainly sparked an interest in travel, and the girls all agree that this was one of the highlights of their high-school careers.

In the end, the five girls were excited to return home and inform all their friends and family of their trip, which was a life-changing experience.