July 21, 2024

Songs of Celebration glorifies God


ESTABLISHED AND CELEBRATED choirs added special lustre to this year’s Songs of Celebration that commemorated the 145th birthday of St Michael’s – the oldest Girls’ School south of the Orange River.

The Choir of the University of the Free State and its Alumni Voices, as well as the Eunice High School Choir sang what the program called called ‘the art of the prophets’ in Martin Luther’s words.  The Chapel Choir of St Michael’s, as well as the Senior and Junior Primary Choirs, also presented the audience with, what Luther had called, ‘magnificent and delightful presents God has given us.’ To hear the mass choir sing, gave everyone goosebumps.

The audience was also truly blessed to experience the contributions of talented instrumentalists who played the violin, viola, trumpet, cello, double bass and timpani. And then of course, there was the magnificently gifted Dr Johan Cromhout, head of the Music Department at St Michael’s, moving fast and efficiently from organ to piano and back to the organ.

Everyone involved in the programme, from the audience to the readers to Father Grant Trewern and all the musicians seemed to be united in one purpose – to honour and glorify God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit for 145 years of abundance and blessing.

The Junior Primary Choir, conducted by Mrs Maretha Krige (Mapina), charmed the audience with their sweet voices.