April 22, 2024

It takes two (and tea) to tango


SHAKESPEARE wrote, ‘All is well that ends well.’ This was absolutely true for Spring Tea 2019, hosted by the Grade 6 girls.

With the soothing sounds of guitars playing in the background, beautifully-dressed ladies and gentlemen were sipping tea and conversing quietly.

Teaspoons clinked against china cups and waitresses served delicate eats at magnificently decorated tables with chandeliers and flowers …completely unaware of the mad rush prior to the event: groups who had hired caterers, started preparing late because the caterers were late. Some groups didn’t get the right decor and accessories. Everyone was running up and down; cutlery was missing. The food was delicious, but the journey it followed to the tables was agonizing. The pressure of trying to have the most beautiful table was horrible and jealousy caused a few unhappy moments. Parents came to help their children’s groups to set up.

The 2019 Spring Tea was spectacular, but that doesn’t mean it was perfect. A lot of hard work and preparation went into it and when the bell rang for break, hearts were racing and palms were sweating. Although all the girls were prepared with smiles when the teachers arrived, the hours of preparation were hectic. ‘Teachers do not always realise how nervous we are,’ says Rea Tsomala.

‘A big thanks to Mrs Ester van der Merwe for teaching us This is me from The Greatest Showman. It is one of my favourite songs and many teachers felt that it was truly inspiring,’ says Ningning Fan. According to Chloe, Jacquire Pelenomi’s speech was really inspiring. 

After the teachers had left, many learners regretted the mess that some of the girls created exchanging, stealing and saving the food that was left. Some even left without cleaning up. However, Adina Ndewere feels that, ‘The tables were beautifully decorated and they were very unique. The Gr 6s of 2019 truly outdid themselves this year.’