July 21, 2024

Dr Johan Cromhout addresses invitees to Honours Dinner

For the last 15 years I have been asked to perform the duty as Master of Ceremonies at the Honours Dinner of St Michael’s. This event takes place early in the year and is one of the school’s most prestigious functions. Learners from all disciplines are being honoured at this dinner where a guest speaker also gives an inspirational speech whereafter a mouth-watering meal is served. 

Many years ago this specific function was split in two: SPORTS HONOURS DINNER and the ACADEMIC HONOURS DINNER. In recent years the Senior Management Team made the decision that the two functions could well be combined. That is the reason why we are here tonight, where achievers both past and present are being honoured and recognised for all their hard work, dedication and successes. Without you ladies sitting here in front of me tonight, an evening like this will not be possible.  We are here tonight, yes, in the first place to honour those of you who have achieved, but also to give thanks for those achievements. 

Tonight is an evening where you as girls, your parents, and the school can be very proud of all we achieved in the past. Be proud of who you are, what you have achieved and what our school stands for.  After all we can pride ourselves with 100% matric pass for 40 consecutive years! This is a remarkable record! 

But remember that you are extremely privileged to be part of an establishment like St Michael’s that can offer you all these opportunities where you can achieve. For this we must always be thankful – especially to those who have gone before us, who have worked so hard and with so much dedication to make this a possibility. But most of all thank God for all the talents and opportunities He bestowed upon us.  And let us never forget our school’s motto:


Dr Johan Cromhout speaks passionately about the passion and loyalty St Michael’s girls should feel for their school – a school with wonderful traditions and a long and glorious history. Photo M Carson