May 29, 2024

Day: September 10, 2020

Dr Johan Cromhout addresses invitees to Honours Dinner

For approximately the last 15 years I have been asked to perform the duty as Master of Ceremonies at the Honours Dinner of St Michael’s. This event takes place early in the year and is one of the school’s most prestigious functions. Learners from all disciplines are being honoured at this dinner where a guest speaker also gives an inspirational speech whereafter a mouth-watering meal is being served.

Lockdown long and tiring

The lockdown period was long, tiring and everyone was unsure about what was happening around them. This pandemic changed our lives forever, with many questions left unanswered: when will school open again; will we be able to visit friends and family soon; will we have to wear masks for ever and will life ever be the same again? The dates on which schools would open again, kept changing. No one was sure and online teaching and learning continued.

Not a single tear shed on first day

The grade ones arrived on their first day, smiling in their new uniforms ready to start “big school” and to test their new playground. 15 Janury was the day the Grade 1 teachers would start molding these…into the leaders of 2031, where they will make the world a better place.

From the Editor’s Desk

It is almost impossible to put into words the number of curved balls 2020 has thrown our way. The past nine months have felt like an eternity – one looks back at March and wonders how we’re still in the same year.