July 21, 2024

147 years commemorated


The matric warcry. Video by M Thikeson

EARLY ON THE MORNING of Founders’ Day, different Grade groups met at different venues: Gr 7-9 started at the hockey fields and the Grade 10-12s assembled outside the chapel, while the Foundation Phase enjoyed their own programme with sack races, egg & spoon and balancing.

Father Grant reminded the girls that it was fitting to open the Founders’ Day celebration with the Eucharist, a statement of the faith and ethos of St Michael’s as a church school. The following girls received Founders’ Day awards: Quistynn Velschoen, Meadow Maartens, Phemelo Radikeledi, Katherine Burt-Robinson, Kamohelo Jase, and Manana Kebautlwile.

After the service, each grade was given a few minutes to present a war cry. Some grades, like the Grade 8s, operated like clockwork while others degenerated into chaos. Representatives of each grade then received a riddle from Mrs. Eileen Ndwere. The solution to the riddle was the clue to find the next venue. In every group, the Grade that found the chocolate Easter bunnies in the third venue was treated to Easter eggs.

After the egg hunt, the Grades went to different classes where they participated in a Kahoot quiz. The learners worked together in their houses where they used as many phones as they had available to try to select the correct option within the time limit. Every correct answer earned points for the house in question. The learners with the phones had to keep their wits together to discern the best answer from all the options that were shouted out. The quiz got the adrenaline pumping and everyone was excited to find out what else was in store for them.

On their return to the hockey fields, the learners formed a large circle, with the Gr 8s and 12s in the center and all the other grades in a large circle around them. White balloons were released to show solidarity with and appreciation of the front-line workers.

Thereafter everyone enjoyed cupcakes while socializing with the upbeat music of the marimba band in the background.