July 21, 2024

A new superhero flashes at Athletics Day.


This year’s athletics day was a refreshing spritz of normality after so many events and competitions had been cancelled due to Covid-19. Regaining some house spirit raised the mood of the staff and learners.

  The cheerleaders encouraged their houses to sing, bringing a glow to the girls’ faces and with Mrs Liezl Potgieter’s cheerful commentary, one couldn’t help to feel chirpier.

   The day proved fruitful with many girls showing off talent that the school had been unaware of. It was also good to welcome familiar favourites. Vimbai Chitiku was one of the stars who amazed everyone with her running. Zemirah Hatha also did exceptionally well.

   The last relay race of the day was the real showstopper, with learners and teachers alike running like the wind. The other runners put their best foot forward, but the day was won by Mr Jaco Cilliers, a new teacher who baffled the stadium with his spectacular running. So, along with Mr Henry van Coller as ‘Henry Danger’, the school now has Mr Cilliers as ‘The Flash’, growing the school’s superhero cabinet.

   In a surprising turn of events, Althlone was the winning team, with Clarendon second and Connaught third.

   Learners showed tremendous house spirit and Mr Van Wyk, the staff and the parents, made the day special with their unrelenting support. The school is looking forward to see what other hidden gems will be uncovered during the course of the year.

Reikanya Saila clearing the bar at the U16 highjump. Photo Z Coetzee