June 18, 2024

Marked improvement in First Hockey Team performance


‘SAINTS ON 3 –  1, 2 ,3 … SAINTS!’ This chant immediately puts the First Team in match mode. The team strive to maximise their mental strength and physical endurance and to cultivate patience – not only with their teammates but also with themselves. As Mr Van Wyk says, ‘Rome was not built in a day’.

St Michael’s is currently ranked 51st of ninety A-league schools in the country – not too shabby for a school that has a pool of a mere 270 learners from which to select!

The 2019 hockey team has laid a solid foundation that should enable the youngsters to start winning league matches next year.

Already, there was a marked improvement at the All Girl’s tournament where the team beat well-known girls’ schools such as Wineberg and La Rochelle. Queenstown Girls’ High also had to concede a win to St Michael’s.

It is evident that St Michael’s is becoming an important role player in the league. All that’s needed in 2020 is the mental capacity and the mindset that school’s like Oranje can actually be beaten. 2019 saw a noticeable improvement in the commitment of the team to attend practices and the overall discipline has improved.

Captain Keke Ramakarane, who has been a member of the first team for five years, has every reason to say that she has never been more proud of the team than now. Lebo Mosholi says, ‘Investing so much money in hockey has shown the players that the school really has our interests at heart.’

Hopefully, the future of hockey at St Michael’s will include regular derby days and a stronger brother-sister relationship between the players of St Michael’s and St Andrew’s since the latter will now be practising on the SMS turf.

The team is indebted to Mr Van Wyk, who was beyond excited about the astro,  for his unfailing dedication and inspiration. What a coach!

The following ladies were selected for various Southern Free State Hockey teams: Robyn Gordon (U 18); Gabby Marais, Bonolo Letoane, Dimpho Motsie, Ronaldine Stilo and Phemelo Radikeledi  (U16A ); Amogelang Senyatsiu (U16B); Kaylen Simmons (U16C); Luca Heilbron (U14A) and Danielle Cornelissen (U14B).


Two vs one: Kaylen Simmons steals the ball from Lauren Tlhapane while Gabby Marais looks on. Photo: N Lockman