July 21, 2024

Water pistols and speed-dating forge ties


THE 2019 GRADE 8 integration was an experience for which most of the Grade 8s were not prepared. The Grade 8 integration is an essential part of growing up at St Michael’s and the sleepover is an essential part of the integration.

‘The sleepover was an interesting and fun experience. The best part was definitely the speed dating and getting to know the boys of our age. We didn’t particularly enjoy the fitness part of the programme, but it was fun doing it together. We enjoyed being woken up by water pistols and being pushed out of our comfort zones,’ says Thato Masithela in Grade 8S2.

Thato’s summary of the very intense, exhausting weekend is not the full story though. On day one the matrics taught them integration and school songs. Then it was time for an unexpected meeting with the Saint Andrew’s matrics as the Grade 8s had to propose to their ‘hunks’. If a Grade 8 girl was rejected, she had to keep proposing until the answer was ‘Yes’.

After a brisk walk back, chanting ‘left-right-left’, the girls were expected to entertain the matrics. They did so by pretending to be on swings, riding bikes, and even jumping on trampolines. The next day a few matrics woke the girls up early to do fitness as a grade. Thereafter they had to walk to Grey College to sing their songs and socialise with the younger boys.

After a discussion about their integration posters, the girls were sent home. Working together and having fun together fostered friendship and personal growth across the board.