April 22, 2024

Enthusiasm and fun triumph at gala


Porcha swimming in the gr 3 free style race.

You’ll probably experience the memory of the St Michael’s gala in January like it is from a bygone era; an era where events happened during the year at school. The gala was one of very few events in 2020.

With almost the whole school present and an electric atmosphere the Grade 12 class performed their graceful opening dance, while the first swimmers waited in anticipation.

All the parents, cheering, taking photos and videos and hugging little wet bodies, warmed the hearts of St Michael’s teachers and learners. Seeing parents running next to the pool became a common sight.

Congratulations to Athlone for winning the House Cup and to Buxton for coming second. Kyra Beelders and Honoured Tshabalala  won the Best Swimmer Award in their phases in the Junior School. 

An amazing amount of swimmers participated, creating a positive and enthusiastic vibe. Energetic house captains cheered teams on throughout the evening and made sure their team members were ready at the beginning of each race.  

How amazing was it to see Yara, the only little Grade 3 girl swimming the 25 m Breaststroke? It made St Michael’s proud to see such young swimmers so enthusiastic to participate.

The final was the as usual: the grade 11s versus the teachers.  However, this year we had the Coetzee family (as Mrs Venter indicated, the Von Trap family) participating and winning the race.

If it weren’t for the lovely teachers, this evening would not have been possible. Thankfully, there were no thunderstorms or rain, allowing everyone to enjoy a fun-filled evening.