May 29, 2024

Day: September 15, 2021

Learning outside the classroom

HANNAH HEUNIS THE INTERMEDIATE PHASE learners, who missed Lateral Learning in 2020 due to the lockdown, were very excited about the activities this year. They would finally be able to have fun and miss some class, even though it was very different from previous years. Everything did not go smoothly: there were fights and tears, […]

A rising star on the tumbling mat

IBUKUN BENEDICT NTABISENG MALAHLEHA in Grade 5 received a bronze medal in the Helena Botha Gymnastics Competition. She has been part of the Club for a few years and performs especially well in the tumbling section. She says, ‘I felt very nervous before the competition started. I was quite worried that I wouldn’t do well. […]

Dear St Michael’s Parent…

A Grade 6 learner contracted the virus from her mom. ‘I was shocked when I heard that I had Covid, I was scared that I was going to die. I know that children do not get it so badly, but one hears so many stories.’

The Junior School says goodbye to their Super Heroes

In 6 years the Grade 6s will be there, in 7 years the Grade 5s and in 11 years the Grade 1s: 40 Days. The final 40 days before the Grade 12s start writing their final exams.

St Michael’s investment in hockey beginning to pay off

Because of Covid 19, there weren’t many hockey events or matches to report on, but in an interview with Mr Braam van Wyk Semester managed to get an inside scoop of the hockey scene at St Michael’s School. The principal is Mr Hockey at St Michael’s: his impressive resumé includes coaching the SA Schools First Team from 2009-2012 and being a trainer for the Senior Protea men’s and women’s teams.

YOUR story: Illiana Stevens

ILLIANA STEVENS in Grade 10 has recently been selected as the winner of an Ambassador berth from ON POINT Lifestyle Magazine. She will take part in various ON POINT lifestyle projects and marketing and advertising campaigns, while also being featured in a special edition of ON POINT Lifestyle Magazine.

Stockings, sore muscles and candle wax – that’s what ‘skivvies’ are made of

The air smelled of wet grass and burning candles at this year’s Basher ceremony. Although the ceremony couldn’t take place in the chapel as always, there was the same spirit in the air. There were thick clouds in the sky; even the rain was excited to see the event. The hot candle wax dripped onto the girls’ dresses and fingers, but nothing could dampen the spirit.