April 21, 2024

Stockings, sore muscles and candle wax – that’s what ‘skivvies’ are made of


Lisa Makapela and Lebohang Seloana handing over the bashers to their Grade 8s.
Photo N Thikeson

The air smelled of wet grass and burning candles at this year’s Basher ceremony.  Although the ceremony couldn’t take place in the chapel as always, there was the same spirit in the air. There were thick clouds in the sky; even the rain was excited to see the event. The hot candle wax dripped onto the girls’ dresses and fingers, but nothing could dampen the spirit.

After the trying integration, the Grade 8s stood before the principal with sore muscles and hearts filled with pride. They wore their blackmail stockings in recognition of the formal event, and after a reading of the Code of Conduct and enlightening words from the principal, they were handed their bashers by their skivvie mistresses. It might have been a knighting; it was so serious.

After the ceremony had come to a close, however, the quad was filled with merriment and laughter.  Although some of it was caused by the joy of finally being a high-school learner, most of it came from the knowledge that they didn’t have to carry around a bottle baby and a cardboard poster on their backs any longer.

The Grade 8s are extremely proud of the matrics of 2021 and the enthusiasm they demonstrated to the Grade 8s. They had gone to great lengths to make the week super special for every Grade 8 learner.  Not only did they go home wearing matric badged, but they also saw the Grades 8s leaving the quad with their bashers on, and their heads held high.