July 21, 2024

Grade 8s warmly welcomed


A heart-warming Basher Ceremony with their skivvy mistresses launched the Grade 8s into their high-school career. In the homily, Reverend Trewern spoke encouraging words of wisdom to the Grade 8s. He believed that they were ready for high school despite it being said to be difficult and that they had done well so far. He shared the phrase ‘Deus lux mea est’, which means ‘God is my light’ with them.

After the Grade 12s had received their matric badges, the Grade 8s were asked to light candles and pass them to the person behind them. This symbolised the importance of teamwork and how it helped them through the two weeks of integration. After the lighting of the candles, Nondumiso Masitela the SMS head girl, reminded everyone of the values represented by the traditional basher and requested that they wear their bashers with pride.

The matrics were then called to the front to present their skivvies with their bashers. It was the climax of the ceremony for matrics and Grade 8s alike as well as the parents who attended the ceremony to watch as their daughters officially became a part of the high school.

Loyiso Mfanta, a Grade 8 learner, said that when she received her basher she experienced a deep sense of sisterhood.

A moment to cherish – the Grade 8s finally receive their bashers from their skivvy mistresses. Photo B Mogapi