April 22, 2024

Matrics pledge to St Michael’s

The Class of 2019 bids St Michael’s farewell. Photo M Muller


THE ANNUAL VALEDICTORY SERVICE provided the SMS family with an opportunity to bid their elder sisters farewell. The matrics, who have upheld the St Michael’s name throughout their school careers, handed their responsibility to maintain the legacy and vision of their school over to the matrics of 2020. The 2019 RCL body handed over their badges to the newly elected leaders and finally retired from their duties after serving SMS for the past year.

Reverend Trewern delivered a homily about the importance of making God the foundation of all your decisions and said that if they put their trust in God, the matrics will be led on the path of righteousness and success.

Mr Van Wyk also shared words of wisdom with the ladies. 2019 had proven to be a challenging year for Mr Van Wyk and he allowed the audience insight into the knowledge he had gained from his plight. He spoke of the gift of independence, but also of the importance of being able to depend and how they go hand in hand.

Emily Chikobvu, Head Girl of 2019, went down memory lane as she addressed her peers one last time. She spoke of their first day of Grade 1 and their encounter with Miss Lee-Ann Kriel, now Mrs Thompson. She reflected on the intense fear of and love for Mrs Thompson that they experienced simultaneously. Years down the line their journey is complete and all the laughter, promises, pain, joy and, most importantly, homework, are now sweet memories.

The Chapel Choir delivered heart-warming performances of the St Michael’s Anthem and Glorious conducted by Ms Joanie Prinsloo.

The exchange of candles between the matrics and Grade 11s as a symbol of handing down their place in the school hierarchy had tears running down the cheeks of many onlookers in the chapel. The grade 11s formed a guard of honour outside the chapel through which the matrics took their last walk through the gates, symbolic of closing their chapter at SMS and stepping into the wider world.

Almira Mbikayi summed up the general sentiment when she said, ‘I’ll hold this place in my heart for ever.’

The SMS family wishes the class of 2019 all the best for their future endeavours.