April 22, 2024

Moolmanshoek a life-changing leadership experience


On the weekend after their election the 2020 proctor body, accompanied by Mrs Melanie Schoeman and Mrs Liz Venter, journeyed to Moolmanshoek to absorb much more than just the breathtaking scenery.

Immediately tasked with working together in a game that required co-ordination and effective communication, they were able to identify weaknesses in their teamwork, which were visibly corrected by the end of the camp. The guidance of their camp instructor, Nick, proved to be invaluable. The proctors’ impersonations of well-known leaders like Robert Mugabe and Julius Malema were hilarious.    

The following day they marveled at the surrounding mountains before painfully hiking up one euphemistically called The Pyramid. The 4,4-km hike was less than gentle on the body and mind, but upon reflection over a cup of hot chocolate and treats sponsored by Mrs Schoeman, the ladies agreed that it had been a worthwhile challenge.

The following morning however brought tears, scars, and memories that will not easily fade. An obstacle course that was closer to a suicide mission saw the now stronger leaders shake at the instability induced by the course. Kulani Mabedlhe, however, showed the most grit by powering through the course and bringing herself and everyone else to the realization that, irrespective of how difficult something may be, it can be done.

The co-operation and support shared on the obstacle course and the downward hike, cemented the bond among the new proctors and it was evident that they could rely on each other in 2020.  

The newly elected Proctor Body spend time out in nature to reflect on their approach to 2020. Photo provided.