April 21, 2024

Grade 7 camp drags girls out of their comfort zone


gr 7’s resting after their hike.

Camp at Moolmanshoek forced the Grade 7 girls to see life a little differently; to have fun while thinking out of the box.

A loud wake-up call got everyone up quickly and a morning prayer kept them grateful. These sessions were done atop a beautiful hill early in the morning. 

The day kicked off with a delicious breakfast and girls started the activities not only spiritually fulfilled, but with full tummies as well.

Activities such as making stokbrood challenged their culinary skills whereas mountain climbing and doing an obstacle course tested their athletic abilities. The obstacle course helped some of them to discover and face their fear of heights, even though it was quite safe. Many fell, but all were determined to get up and try again.

Hidden talents were revealed by the ‘SMS Got Talent’ competition such as beautiful voices, unexpected acting skills and creative poets. Here too, some girls were forced to dig deep and when they did, it gave them so much confidence. 

The girls opened up and found out more about their friends. Although there were disagreements, they were ultimately patched up and friendships grew closer.

The love shown to them by the Moolmanshoek family was love that some have never felt before. They truly felt like part of the family. Thabo, one of the instructors’ children, was a lot of fun and created a happy vibe. The dogs were fun to play with and also made the girls laugh.

Joy Yu completing the course
Photo provided.
Boemo Sello on the balancing beam Photo provided.