July 21, 2024

Grade 9 camp strengthens Sisterhood


In late September the Grade 9s paid a visit to the infamous Moolmanshoek Private Game Reserve. After missing the opportunity to go on camp the previous year due to the Corona virus, they were thrilled finally to get to go on camp. After a prayer for travelling mercies by Mr Braam van Wyk, the girls departed. 

Upon arrival they were warmly welcomed by Mr Nico Arangies. Once they were settled into their dorms, the famous ‘Wors’ game was played – a combination of netball and dodgeball. Thereafter, many girls got sopping wet in a game of ‘Catch the water balloon’. The evening ended on a high note with an inspirational movie called Soul Surfer

After a brisk walk up to the ‘chapel’, a cave in the mountain, the day started with a captivating Bible Study. After breakfast, the girls had the opportunity to explore the Witteberg mountain range on a challenging, yet rewarding hike to the top. 

The next item on their agenda was horse-riding. All the horses were ready to go into the paddock. One of the horses got a complete name change thanks to the girls’ memories of the show My Little Pony (one can only assume). A horse named ‘Zulu’ was affectionately renamed ‘Twilight Zulu’ by the girls. Once everyone, including the teachers, had had a turn on the amazingly sweet-tempered horses, the day was concluded with some fun at the pool. 

After a long, hot day, it was a relief to jump into the cool water and feel almost as weightless as when we were sitting on the horses. Because swimming isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, some girls enjoyed just dipping their feet in the water. 

Day 3 was filled with more excitement and test of character. After the daily devotion, where Mr Nick spoke on the power of the tongue, the Grade 9s made their way to the obstacle course where everyone’s strength and perseverance was tested. True sisterhood and strength of character were shown as cheers and words of encouragement could be heard from bystanders below. Many admitted that it was a difficult course, but all the hard work was rewarded with a zipline at the end. 

‘I was almost ready to give up because of my fear of heights, but the cheers from all my friends kept me going,’ says Destiny Mgole. 

After a long day of overcoming fears, groups of five members each had to prepare their own ‘potjiekos’ on an open fire. All their cooking skills were put to the test and the competition was fierce. Mr Nick had also instructed them to prepare a short play on any lesson learned at camp. After a delicious self-cooked meal, it was time for the plays. The hall was filled with lessons and laughter as each group went up to present. When asked, a few learners said it was not easy working with people they don’t usually talk to, but everyone agreed that the camp was an opportunity to grow closer and to form a sisterhood within the grade.

The short but rewarding time the Grade 9s spent at Moolmanshoek will be forever in their hearts.