April 22, 2024

St Michael’s welcomes a new Physical Sciences educator


MR DANIEL WISDOM TENGEY, a Ghanian educator who has been living in South Africa since 2006, was appointed as the new Physical Sciences educator at St Michael’s.

He went to St Paul’s Secondary School and furthered his tertiary studies at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana.  During his university years, he had many opportunities to study abroad as an exchange student. The most memorable of these was an exchange programme in Norway. After completing his degree in Science Education, he taught at Kwanta High in Ghana for several years.

Mr Tengey first fell in love with South Africa while visiting a friend in 2005. He decided to relocate shortly thereafter. In South Africa, he enrolled with UNISA. He obtained an MBA, as well as certificates in Science Education and Strategic Management.

He accepted a teaching position in Queenstown, Eastern Cape, where he taught until 2011. Having left teaching for eight years to work in the private sector, Mr. Tengey made the decision to return to the teaching profession in 2019.

He states, ‘Teaching is a passion; it’s a calling. You need to love what you do to teach effectively; it’s not meant for everybody.’ He then went on to explain how the Teacher Training Programme inspired him to want to be a Science teacher.

According to Mr Tengey, the values at SMS motivate him to come to school every day. He highly commended the discipline of the learners: ‘The value system at SMS creates room to do your job because you feel that you are accepted and loved.’ He also praises the hospitality of the learners. 

He faces a few challenges in the classroom, amongst others what he diplomatically calls ‘the outbursts of energy that many of the learners display during science lessons.’

However, the science teacher never fails to share with his learners the successes of his past. One of the proudest moments of his teaching profession was when four of his 2016 matric learners obtained between 91% and 100% in Physical Sciences. Mr. Tengey is very proud of and grateful for his own level of education, personal development, and exposure.

For relaxation, Mr Tengey enjoys watching television.  Scandal is one of his favourite soapies. Wrestling is his favourite sport to watch.

Mr Tengey’s advice to the younger generation is: ‘Take ownership of your life. Ownership comes with responsibility and accountability.  If you can take responsibility and ownership, nobody will be able to take advantage of you’. Take ownership of who you are, your values, who you want to become, and what you want to do; develop and grow yourself.’

This versatile reacher devotes his free time to affiliate marketing: researching and identifying audiences and products to draw into his website and YouTube channel. He also prepares marking guidelines for private institutions all over the country. Most importantly, he is a husband and a father to his two children.

Mr Daniel Tengey doing what he does best. Photo L Selesho