April 21, 2024

SMS says farewell to a loved teacher


After 14 wonderful years at St Michael’s, girls and educators alike are sad to see their beloved teacher, coach and Phase Head, Mrs Elizabeth (Liz) Venter, leave. Coming from Oranje, she is now leaving SMS with wisdom and good memories.

Mrs Venter was not only an inspiring mathematics teacher who took joy in what she taught, but a caring and enthusiastic netball coach who always left room for improvement and understood the importance of fun. She motivated the players to do their best and so led them to winning provincial and national awards in 2010-2011, one of the many highlights of her netball career at St Michael’s.

The sweet voices of the girls singing in chapel every morning, celebrating Founder’s Day and attending Speech Night are just a few of the memories that Mrs Venter will cherish. Watching the Grade 8s grow up into young women and seeing them at the Valedictory Service made the years of hard work seem worth it. Mrs Venter made an effort to get to know the characters of her learners, so everyone she taught felt like an individual who was ‘seen’ in her classroom. 

Mrs Venter is a hardworking, devoted and caring teacher and coach to the students, and every learner who walked into her class left with a little more knowledge and enlightenment. The Grade 7-9 have become accustomed to hearing her read from Scripture each morning since the beginning of lockdown.  Her presence will definitely be missed at assembly.

It is with heavy hearts that SMS says goodbye to a well-loved educator and coach, who brought light when it was dark and provided comfort in times of hardship.