April 22, 2024

You get a thank you, I get a thank you, everybody gets a thank you!


A calm atmosphere was created by music in the background and apprehension of what the Grade 6s had planned for the teachers was in the air.

Every year, assisted by Mrs Noeline Stumpfe, a Spring Tea is hosted by the Grade 6s to show their gratitude and appreciation to the teachers. But, of course this year, it was not possible due to Covid-19 and its restrictions. Thanks to the quick thinking of Mrs Eileen Ndwere and Mrs Stumpfe, the girls were still able to present something to convey appreciation the same message as the traditional Spring Tea. 

They sang ‘Siyahamba’, which many teachers found very beautiful. ‘I really enjoyed the singing because it is not often that we hear our girls singing, unless it is a special occasion,’ says Mrs Goodrick. 

The Head Girls of 2022, as well as Dr Ruth Govender, who chairs the Board of Governors, all conveyed personalised and inspiring messages to the staff.

Personalised gifts (‘Made with love’, the Grade 6s said) were handed to teachers, as well as the support and office staff. Mrs Ndwere says that one of the highlights was that every staff member received a gift from an individual learner and not just from the school.  Everyone was most appreciative of their little gift.

This may have been a small event, but it influenced the staff positively. The appreciation they were shown will ensure that they do everything possible to excel in what they love – teaching and serving!