April 14, 2024

Grade 8s break a camp record


Grade 8 is the beginning of High School. Every SMS girl, from Grade 9 to 12, can remember their Grade 8 year as if it were yesterday: from Integration to Forty Days to the end-of-year Speech Night and the memories they made at On-track Adventures. The 2021 Grade 8 class left for the annual St Michael’s school camp with heavy luggage and their hearts filled with excitement for the journey ahead.
   The trip inspired new friendships by providing the girls with the opportunity to mingle in unusual circumstances. During the two days they spent at On-track Adventures near Hobhouse they experienced a series of activities that helped to improve their team work and team spirit. The team work sparked a competitive spirit. Everyone wanted to be the victors of an obstacle course they had to complete on the third and final day before it was time to say goodbye to the camp.

  The jumping and balancing on logs, climbing over walls, crawling under wires and finally, the wet, muddy, malodorous ‘Ottergat’, which was an assault to the nostrils, challenged the girls physically, mentally and emotionally.

    Miraculously the Grade 8s completed the course very fast, defeating the record of 24 minutes set by the Matric Class of 2021 and setting a new record of fifteen minutes for a future Grade 8 class to surpass.

   Filled with joy, laughter and challenges the Grade 8 camp 2021 was one to remember.