July 21, 2024

Chapel Choir trains on Camp


After weeks of planning, the Chapel Choir was able to go on its long overdue annual camp. The girls were accompanied by Ms Joanie Prinsloo, the conductor, as well as Mr Jaco Cilliers and

Mr Hederick Prinsloo. The camp took place at Be Human Farm Hotel where the girls arrived to find cosy rooms and tastefully decorated dining areas.

   Upon arrival the girls settled into their rooms and started practising shortly thereafter. Speech Night and the Valedictory  Service were looming. Amongst others, the choir mastered the familiar  ‘Climbing up the Mountain.’  Friday evening’s practice was followed by a campfire where the girls grilled s’mores and bonded.

   After the choristers had enjoyed an appetising breakfast, they rehearsed long and hard – showing a great deal of resolution and competence. With the support of Ms Joanie Prinsloo, the girls were able to stay motivated. They sang so harmoniously that they caught the attention of the other guests.

    To everyone’s surprise, Neon Dreams, a Canadian band, arrived at Be Human on Saturday afternoon for their concert later that day. After a lengthy afternoon practice, the choir members scored themselves entrance to the concert – free of charge!

   After enjoying their last meal together, the choir had to head back to school after a productive weekend – which, according to Zoe Coetzee, included thirteen hours of practice!


The hard work at the camp paid off when the Chapel Choir received a warm applause at the Valedictory Service. Photo J de Abreu