Only two netball teams enter trials

The Junior School is extremely proud of the Grade 6 and 7 Netball Teams: the only two teams from St Michael’s that played in the Free State Netball Trials.

Editorial cartoon

The 17 May riots in Mangaung left some people unaffected and some devastated.

It’s my call: The Final Hours

I woke up with a terrible sweat. My stomach gnawed and growled. Something was not right. I got out of my futon1 and immediately searched my room. It was dark, but I could still find Okaa-san’s2 hair ornament. It was still in the red box next to my futon along with the small bag of money and a letter. Strange. Nothing was missing, but why did I have this terrible gut feeling?


RELEBOHILE NYAPOLI Congratulations to Alondrea Flooks in Grade 4 who took part in an international Mental Math competition hosted by Egypt. Six countries took part in this online competition through A+ Academy. Alondrea received a mark of 90.8% and won the Champion trophy. Alondrea is nicknamed #humancalculator #littlegenius

St Michael’s sisters enjoy a fun-filled evening

For a while now, the Intermediate Phase has felt left out from the rest of the school; are they still part of the ‘babies’ in Foundation Phase or are they part of the ‘older girls’?

Just keep swimming: Midmar Mile 2021

AFTER MANY WEEKS of hard work, the SMS swimmers were disappointed to hear that, due to Covid-19, the annual Midmar Mile would not be swum in the Midmar Dam near Howick in KwaZulu-Natal this year. Instead, it was turned into a virtual event. After being postponed from the original date, the weekend of 13 and 14 February, it was changed into an event of four days over two weeks namely 6, 7, 13, and 14 March 2021.

The results are in…

The results of the 2020 matric final exams are in, and for the 41st year in a row, St Michael’s is celebrating a 100% matric pass rate. The school also managed to obtain an 89,5% bachelor’s pass, and seven students achieved 3 distinctions.

Proctor camp revolves around an image of a pyramid

The 2021 Proctor Body attended an enriching leadership camp during the first weekend of the term. Due to the Level 3 lockdown, this year’s camp diverged from normalcy – since St Michael’s couldn’t go to Moolmanshoek as they had in previous years. The Friday afternoon was reserved for ice-breaker games. This included the frightening experience of putting their hands on mouse traps to build trust in one another!