July 21, 2024
Life at SMS

Oh Jerusalema!


Jerusalema, a hit song produced by Limpopo-born musician and record producer Master KG, featuring local vocalist Nomcebo Zikode, has officially gone viral. At this point, every South African knows this simple, yet challenging dance. The song ceated unity and purpose in trying times. Mr Van Wyk made the exciting proposal that every grade comes up with their own dance to this song. It was a great chance for everyone to escape from the stress of COVID-19 and have fun together.

Hearing the music as all the grades practiced their dance was great. Some grades were excited and ready to do their dance in front of the cameras and others were still nervous and asking for more time to prepare. Finally, the music started playing, and what a great sight to behold! Everyone danced together and Mrs Liezel Potgieter even decided to join the Grade 8s in the fun.

Some of the learners decided to spend the whole break dancing to the music. The music could still be heard when the learners were back in class and working. Everyone was able to have an exceptional amount of fun on the day they did their dance. Coming together and dancing to a song in a language that some learners didn’t even understand was a moment that will not be forgotten anytime soon.


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