June 18, 2024

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With over 250 000 views on the first-ever video posted on the brand-new St Michael’s TikTok page, the new Media Club has already proven their excellence, leaving the rest of the learners excited for what’s to come.

Life coach encourages enthusiasm

The celebration of SMS Sisterhood, held in the Jubilee Hall on 4 February, was enriching and great fun. The evening started on a high note with dancing and praise and worship and ended with the learners experiencing a complete change in mindset.

Buxton brings it home in annual inter-house singing

On August 27th 2021, the official four houses of SMS came together to partake in what was a joyous occasion of inter-house singing. Under intense pressure and a restricted amount of time, each respective house made sure to deliver what they thought best could bring home the Gold plaque for them. In an interview conducted […]

Proctor camp revolves around an image of a pyramid

The 2021 Proctor Body attended an enriching leadership camp during the first weekend of the term. Due to the Level 3 lockdown, this year’s camp diverged from normalcy – since St Michael’s couldn’t go to Moolmanshoek as they had in previous years. The Friday afternoon was reserved for ice-breaker games. This included the frightening experience of putting their hands on mouse traps to build trust in one another!

2021 an odd year for the arts.

Since 2000, St Michael’s has hosted its Music, Arts and Drama Festival (or ‘MAD festival’, as Dr Cromhout likes to call it) every other year, alternating with the Afrikaans festival. Schools came from other neighbouring schools and other provinces to perform in the festival every year that it took place. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, last year’s festival was postponed to this year, an unimagined disappointment.

CFG sleepover much fun

he Christian fellowship group began the year with a weekend filled with praise and worship and an outreach to a children’s home.

Do not forget

Our past and heritage remind us we are not orphans, but we are heirs of a great inheritance. We have a grand “his-story.” And we are part of a long, on-going story. We need to keep alive the stories, for they, in a real sense, keep us alive. We are what we remember.

Grades battle it out at Cultural Evening

The termly SMS cultural evening, which aims to promote the sisterhood between ladies, took an interesting twist this term. Instead of houses competing against one another to earn points for the Queen Cup (awarded at the end of the year to the house that has the most points), grades competed this time.

CFG begins the year with a weekend filled with praise and worship

CFG started the year with a praise and worship weekend at Mooigenoeg, accompanied by Mrs Reneé du Toit and their chaplain, Rev. Grant Trewern.

Chapel choir renews commitment

The Chapel Choir started 2020 on a very high note. The King’s Haven Guest House close to Bloemfontein was the ideal backdrop for a welcome repose from school, but also for a renewed commitment to the choir.